Cast resin transformers

ELETTROMECCANICA COLOMBO manufactures resin transformers, low voltage/low voltage (LV/LV) medium voltage/low voltage (MV/LV) and medium voltage/medium voltage (MV/MV) up to 10MVA and 36 KV.
The transformers are designed in accordance with norms IEC 60076-11 in order to optimize the efficiency. For European market, the calculation is made according to Ecodesign regulation, norms EN 50588-1, tier 1 and tier 2.
When the transformers are connected to inverters, the design is made as stated from IEC 61378-1 norms.
For all transformers the large experience, the technological ability connected with high quality guarantees a reliable product with an expected lifetime span in normal condition over 30 years.
The company total Quality management system is based on certified Quality Assurance system ISO 9001- 2015,Environmental ISO 14001-2015,Health and safety ISO 45001.
  • Technical features

    Standard: the transformers are built in accordance with IEC 60076-11 standards and with efficiency as per Ecodesign regulation, norms EN 50588-1, tier 1 and tier 2.
    Core: the core is built up of cold rolled oriented grain steel sheet with low specific losses and low noise level.
    Windings: the high voltage windings are made of aluminum electrolytic conductors (or copper when required). The windings are cast under vacuum in epoxy resin. Low voltage windings are impregnated with epoxy varnish .Insulating material used is related to the temperature rise class. The accuracy of execution of these processes allows the achievement of windings free from partial discharges.(≤10 pc).
    Standard accessories: skid under base or truck with bidirectional wheels; lifting lugs; grounding terminal, nameplate.
    Optional accessories: temperature monitoring unit (or thermometer dial type); forced ventilation system; box with protection degree IP 21 (or other IP 23, IP 31, IP 45).
    Test: all transformers are singularly tested with routine test, according to IEC 60076-11 standards. Upon request, these type test can be carried out: full wave impulse test, temperature rise test, measure of sound level.
    Installation: inside. For eventual installation outside is necessary to specify ambient conditions.
    Advantages: fire resistant-self-extinguishing, compact size, reduced maintenance, environmental safe.
  • Functional characteristics

    Utilisation: fit for installation inside operating units, reduced spaces due to compact dimension.

    Ambient: ambient, fire and climatic classes certified Cesi E2, C2,F1 (certificate nr B4013939); no pollution risk

    Electric: high short circuit strength

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